Ember CLI Basics

Ember CLI is a Node.js-based command-line interface tool designed for application programming in Ember.js.

Since its creation, this tool has become the preferred method to create Ember applications.

In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes:

  • Installing Ember CLI

  • Creating your first project

  • Exploring pods and the folder layout

  • Asset compilation

  • Dependency management

  • Upgrading your project

  • Deployment


Simply put, Ember CLI makes starting a new Ember application easy. In other frameworks, you might need to learn gulp or grunt as your task runners. In Ember CLI, this is all built-in for you. Having Ember CLI in the Ember.js ecosystem is a game changer and makes this framework stand out above the rest.

Ember CLI handles testing, compiling, and upgrading, and even has a built-in web server. Ember CLI not only generates boilerplate code for you, but it also integrates nicely with many testing frameworks. It has a robust add-on system that extends the functionality well beyond its current capabilities.